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If you are looking for professional chiptuning for all kind of vehicles, trucks or agrarian vehicles look no further!

Come visit us in Vomp or at one of our partners. We also provide home service, so you can make an appointment at your home.

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more than 90% of all models

We offer the latest programming techniques for 90% of all modern vehicles to increase performance. We save the original software, optimize it according to the latest state of tuning technology and flash it back into the vehicle. Customer wishes are of course taken into account! The retrofitting to manufactory default is free of charge.

Tractor Tuning

Performance & Durability

As with all "working machines", the performance is a big factor in the agricultural sector too. The primary goal is not to achieve maximum performance, but to bring the engine to an optimal mediocrity between performance and durability. In this area we are able to achieve optimal developments at the PTO tester.

Truck Service

Exhaust optimization

Especially with trucks we have specialized on careful optimization of vehicles, taking into account the emission standards! In addition to the increase in performance and the improved torque, especially the reduction of fuel consumption by up to 3 liters per 100 km, it is worth considering!